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A day~

20090326_a_cwoo_sniper_am1 i watched “the sniper” with pp ytd at metro prima…^^ it was quite interesting and i found that guys with sniper are soooo damn cooll..*wink

after that, we went to fetch yy to desa park city coz we decided to fly kite… kite…i didnt fly kite for dunno how many years di…haha

2812_101309607626_537692626_2561756_7239255_n1setting up the kite


2812_101309617626_537692626_2561757_2663395_n1and of course, we successfully fly up the kite…can u spot our kite??

here are some of the photos….2812_101310792626_537692626_2561764_2948834_n

2812_101311777626_537692626_2561769_2992446_nmy best best best ever buddies…pp and yy…<32812_101311762626_537692626_2561768_2686963_nthree of us…


our kite was flying “stablely” in the begining but then our kite was clush with a malay girl kite..=( so we decided to keep our thing and go back home…i enjoyed the day so much with both of them…^^it is so happy to  nonsense and crazy with u two  and something special happen in the middle part of our kite section that make us stund and laugh..haha..

at night, i went to ikano with my family to have our dinner….i oso bought 2 novels and 1 book about US economy from the popular…ya i noe it is so not me to buy US economy book as my extra reading lar..=.=”” but then i really think to improve myself ….so PRAY that i can finish reading the book…=)

p/s: coffee bean and faster reply me…i really need something to do instead of just staying at home…><