i started to hate holiday…somemore those long term holiday like wat i m having now…3months!!!!! wat the….siao po YY was complaining about her busy coursework to me and said that she gonna to be mad…but for me, what i did today was just eat, online, tv….such a  PIG routine!!! *guilty..I NEED A JOB!!! i had already applied some number of part time jobs, but then, no reply…..>< i really cant stand of this useless me so come on, pls give me a job!!!!



  1. MR GAN Said:

    wa, den u really shuang la!!! 3 months for relaxation le…haha
    haiz, jobs very difficult to find also nowadays==
    semoga lu(hokkian) berjaya la…

    p/s: tq very much for the my BIG name of ur 1st blog!!!touched

    • beh0622 Said:

      nono..not shuang at all…sooo boring..luckily 2day u guys asked me out…if not u will see more spider web around me…haha..
      PS: welcome MR Gan…=p dun cry ya..since u are so touch!!

  2. angelyna Said:

    cissss, ppl so damn busy here you are relaxing there!!! hmp!!!
    help me to do some of my assignments la then~~~
    but actually if you really want to get a job i think there might be a way, just continue searching la, the job won’t come and knock your door, you should to and knock the job’s door^^ haha…is just wat i think la, try your best beh~~ earn ad belanja me makan then can ad hahahahaha….

    • beh0622 Said:

      adui..u think i din find meh??? i find many di…send out dunno how many resume oso…aiks..but then nvm..i will be going taiwan soon..nenenebubu…

  3. Pris Said:

    Waliao…since when you have a blog??? Never informed. I will send you and invitation to our class blog=)
    Keep UPDATING!!!

    • beh0622 Said:

      haha..i m trying to make it secret…=p i really lazy to update lar..many thing happen these days…too many thing to write out but i lazy…><

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