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i m at taiwan now..wuahaha..finally can online!!! thanks to auntie lai’s little son…^^
will update more bout my pass few days…going out now for dinner( daddy’s friend treat me) yahoo000~~~
bye..see u soon



i started to hate holiday…somemore those long term holiday like wat i m having now…3months!!!!! wat the….siao po YY was complaining about her busy coursework to me and said that she gonna to be mad…but for me, what i did today was just eat, online, tv….such a  PIG routine!!! *guilty..I NEED A JOB!!! i had already applied some number of part time jobs, but then, no reply…..>< i really cant stand of this useless me so come on, pls give me a job!!!!

The 1st~

TADAAAAA~~here comes my 1st blog…*wink

First of all, i m not sure whether am i a hardworking bloger like babe and the ant..hehe~~but as i had promised ant that i will blog right after my final and so i am here…see..ant i m so nice to u…

oh ya..nearly forget to mention bout MR GAN..still remember last time i said i will post ur name big big in my 1st blog?? see ur name big enuff anot? =p

hmmm~~ i dunno whatelse to write for this blog…so that s all for this lar…see ya…^^dun miss me…=p